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8th January 2006

jayjay__sawada1:12am: Heya, new member here. You can call me Jay I guess.

I own ummm...

My favorite games are probably Harvest Moon 64 and BTN. Mostly BTN cause it's more of a challenge. I was hopeing for Natsume to actually translate BTN for Girl into English, but they never did. So, the only game for girl that seems good is the one for GBA. >_>

I'm starting to fall behind with my playing and I haven't gotten a start of HMAnotherWL and I'm nowhere near finished HMAWL. BUT, I hope to finish those someday. ^_^ So, I'll try to help out with anything the best I can...though I don't think I'll be able to. ^_^;
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6th May 2005

99blackballoons8:59am: more friends of mineral town
hi i just joined (obviously) but i just recently found out about the gil version of hm-harvest moon: more friends of mineral town and i was wondering if anyone knew anything about the game being translated into english? i really want to play it but i dont speak japanese!
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3rd April 2005

kimino10:23pm: Favorite HM Characters
Off any Game......

Jack(of course)

13th December 2004

redhotbabay768:03pm: im new
hey people im new and i joined this community cuz i LOVE harvest moon. it sux tho cuz i only have 1 of the hm games. its harvest moon save the homeland. does anyone else here have it? if so, im having a little trouble. ive done 6 endings. right now im on the treasure hunt 2 ending. i just got done doing the part where you must listen to dia talk about her life, and then she thanks you. in an FAQ that i have read, she is supposed to come to my house but it has been a whole season and she hasnt come to my farm yet:(.
this frustrates me cuz in like, ever game i have had, it does this. like, when i did the goddess dress ending, gina was supposed to come to my house, but she never did so i ended up waisting a whole year, so i did it the next year(and THEN she came). well anyways, i was asking if any of this crap happens to any of you people (if any of you have save the homeland) cuz its really ticking me off!!!

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13th November 2004

marshmeloh2:35pm: hm icons!
Hey, I just joined. :3

[16] Harvest Moon icons

Comment. Credit. Share.


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HARVESTED; a community for Harvest Moon fans

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31st October 2004

mulan_3453:55pm:  I'm new! Yay. I love most HM games, but my all time favorites are HM BTN, and HM 64, yup the classics. I dont really know what else to say. Umm, you can call me Mulan if you want xP
 Oh! If this is aloud o.o Come join harvested another HM community for the HM fans/gamers. Its a fresh start community with a great layout and right now there is 1 contest going on. Hopefully I will see you there!
 Happy Harvesting!

29th December 2003

mitsuaki5:13am: Hi ^_^ This is Elle from the forums. I just wanted to say "Hey, what's up guys?" =p I'm fine over here, just hanging out at 5 AM o_o.

Can't wait for HMO... so I might get the game for GBA... teehee. It looks cool, and I've heard it's addicting.

Go check out my journal!

22nd December 2003

toad14138:54pm: As tasty as all the other Harvest Moons.
Welcome to the Harvest Moon Online LJ community! You can talk about your HMO experiences (or lack of, since it isn't out yet), here, or just ramble about the other Harvest Moons. :)

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